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    So the huge 12 page example is a very good idea. Having a concrete example of abstract rules is almost essential.
    But there are a few things I don’t understand about it.

    Let’s take the really minor issue first: when Vargast starts a new contest on p. 94, the RP he’s scored against some of them previously carry over. But they’re wrong. Or at least not the same as on p. 92.

    OK, on to the bigger fish. This is the issue of rules for facing multiple opponents. Page 79 states that it’s possible to have more than 5 RP scored against you and remain in the contest, as long as they’re not all from a single source. Page 81 says that facing multiple opponents, you treat each one as a separate contest. Combining these gives me the impression that you should keep score for each of these opponents-contests separately, because it might become important afterward to know the sources of different chunks of RP lodged against you. But in the example, this is not what happens. Every RP scored against a hero is just lumped together, regardless of source. I feel this actually muddies the waters for the reader, and I’m sad to say it partially defeats the purpose of the example. 🙁

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