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    Newt Newport


    I’m Newt Newport head honcho of D101 Games. We are a small press RPG company that grew out of the Gloranthan/D100 scene here in the UK. We’ve been up and going since 2008 and are currently celebrating our 5th Year!

    In that time we’ve put out five issues of Hearts in Glorantha fanzine, one issue of Gloranthan Adventures and one special “The Book of Glorious Joy” which is Jamie “Troksy” Revell’s alternative take on the Gloranthan West/Kingdom of Loskalm. I also publish OpenQuest, second edition soon to be released, which may interest some of you old school RQ grognards.

    Currently working on HiG issue 6, Gloranthan Adventures issue 2 and “Using OpenQuest for Glorantha” a quick conversion guide (think Pendragonpass in the old Tales for level of complexity). Fingers crossed all this will be out by the end of this year.

    Check out our Gloranthan releases at

    D101 Games Glorantha page

    I also have a Hearts in Glorantha blog

    Hearts in Glorantha

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    I like reading your HIG blog, Newt! Haven’t picked up one of your magazines yet but I should, just never seem to run into them. Will you be in Essen in October?

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    Newt Newport

    Hi Rudy,

    The magazines are almost exclusively POD through Lulu and soon the be available via DriveThruRpg which already stocks the pdf version. That be said I have a small amount of stock that I’ll be making available via an online store shortly, although you can email me via newt@d101games.com and I can sort you out the meantime.

    See http://d101games.com/store/ for details.

    Unfortunately no plans to go to Essen. Being Uk based, part-time and the father of two small children I only get passes out to a small number of local cons.


    I remain interested in Openquest 2nd ed as a possible alternative to my beloved-but-a-little-crunchy Chaosium RQ 2. Looking forward to hearing more as OQ2 and the conversion guide become available!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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