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    Mark Jones

    That’s great news, thanks very much

    I’ve registered and if I think about it, I can re-download my RQ6 any times I want. Sorry about that but wanted to make sure of the re downloading

    Thanks again

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    Thanks for the update on HQ-G. Is there any word about a release date?

    And as a minor question, when did ‘Games Master’ replace ‘Game Master’ as gaming lingo? As an old-school gamer (since about 1975 or so), I have to say that I hate the phrase ‘Games Master” with an irrational passion. To me it implies that one person is always going to do the GMing, since he’s in charge of multiple games, not just the current one. I don’t know why this irks me so badly, but it does.

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    Jeff Richard

    I have no idea, but HQG refers to a “Game Master” not a “Games Master”.

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    Are you sure? Quoting from David Scott’s summary of what is changing in HQ-G: “Narrator becomes Games Master”

    Obviously, it’s no big issue at all. Just a pet peeve of mine, that’s all.

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    David Scott

    games master was just a posting typo of mine, obviously it’s game master.

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    Mark Mohrfield

    Of course, REALLY old timers will prefer the term “referee” (used by both OD&D and RuneQuest 1&2).

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    for me it was Dungeon Master, later DM, which stuck no matter what period or game we played

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    Phil Nicholls


    I think the term Narrator is probably a better reflection of the way we play, but I have a strong attachment to GM.

    The term has evolved over time, just as the role has changed. Strange then that the term for Players has not seen a similar evolution.

    All the best

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)

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