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    Mark Jones

    Would it be possible to use HeroQuest Glorantha to run games in other settings? Primarily I am looking at TDM’s Mythic Britain.

    I favour story based rpgs and HeroQuest sounds ideal. Only issue I can see is marrying the HQG rules to the setting’s magic systems. I don’t know for sure but I assume Mythic Britain will have theism, animism, folk magic and possibly some sorcery.

    Anyway, how easy would it be to use HQG for other settings, be they published or homebrew, the rules themselves seem pretty malleable, but I guess it’s all down to what magic is used?

    Thanks all

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    HQ-G really IS HQ2 with just a few simplifications and tweaks, and setting-specific examples. (not to sell it short – the setting info is well worth the price of admittance, and the tweaks, though mostly minor, are good ones IMO)

    I don’t imagine any difficulty at all using it in whatever setting you like… just skip the “pick your runes” part of character creation (or swap it out for some other setting-specific ability keywords, like “character class” or political factions or whatever seems to make sense) and away you go!

    You don’t really need to use the “magic systems” at all, if they do not mesh in an obvious way with your desired setting. Magic can just as easily be handled as regular keywords or abilities, so long as the players and GM all understand the conventions of the setting and the tone of the game you want to run.

    HeroQuest is an immensely forgiving and malleable system.
    (i’m not familiar with the details of the Mythic Britain setting, or i’d offer more specific advice)

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    Mark Jones

    Thanks for the info boztakang

    I should have said, I’m also very interested in Glorantha and most definitely want to use HQG as my starting point to get into the setting. Over 30 years roleplaying, not quite 30 minutes reading about Glorantha 🙂

    Mythic Britain is an awesome looking product by the designers of RuneQuest 6. It’s 5th century Britain, full of celts and druids and misty forests! I love the RQ6 rules but they are just too crunchy for me; I really prefer narrative systems that let me forego things like initiative and rounds when I want to, but also enable me to resolve entire combats with the roll of a dice or two if I want that. For example, one attack and one defend roll. This is another big reason I am looking forward to HQG

    Do we have an ETA? Before Christmas?

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    Mark Jones

    Also, are the following products fully compatible with HQG?

    Borderlands and Beyond – by Moon Design
    Glorantha Adventures 1 – by D101 Games
    Griffin Mountain – by Moon Design
    Pavis and Big Rubble – by Moon Design
    Sartar Companion – by Issaries
    Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes – by Issaries

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    If you ignore the stat blocks, anything at all becomes “fully compatible with HQ:G” 🙂

    The Sartar books, and “Pavis, Gateway to Adventure” are written from scratch for HQ (meaning, basically, almost no rules cruft at all) – check the “shop” link on this page. The older “pavis and big rubble” version has RQ(2/3) stats included, but that isn’t really a big impediment for using it with HQ – just ignore the stats and specific spells, and figure out what the real “challenge” is for each encounter, and improvise from there.

    The ETA on HQ:G is as soon as layout can be completed, which I’m am confident Rick is working on as quick as he can, but it is a lot of work, and takes time. I’m sure there will be an update here when they have new info. Hopefully before christmas, but it’ll be a close thing at this point…

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    Mark Jones

    Thanks again for the info, much appreciated

    Hopefully Moon Design will be bringing out new Glorantha stuff specifically for HQG. But as you implied, it’s not difficult to convert what’s already out there because HQG is very user friendly when it comes to other system/settings

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    David Cake

    To be honest, good as HeroQuest Glorantha will be, I think it would be easier to take the generic HeroQuest 2 rules if you want to run in a setting that doesn’t have runes. The one or two tweaks that HQ 2 adds outside the magic system and character creation are quite small (and can be adopted without using HQG character creation and magic) easily).

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    Mark Jones

    Will there be a list detailing all the little changes?

    Profile photo of Mark Jones
    Mark Jones

    If I download the Guide to Glorantha pdf today, will I have unlimited continued access to download it at a later date if, for example, the product gets revised for errata updates or similar?

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    Harald Smith

    As others have noted, HQ Glorantha is HQ2 with Glorantha specifics, a lot of nice examples, and a few very minor rule tweaks (change from low roll to high roll winning a resolution being the main one).

    Fully possible to play HQ is non-Glorantha settings. For an example (and not that far off from what you’re thinking for Mythic Britain) see the Mythic Russia setting at: http://mythicrussia.wordpress.com/about/

    I recently took an old RQ scenario and brought into my Sartar-based campaign. While you can use stat blocks to see what abilities to emphasize for a given character, you can largely ignore them. HQ really just draws on the scenario interactions.

    HQ probably doesn’t suit those who are really into number crunching, gory, see where each blow lands type of games. It is excellent for those who like a more narrative, story-telling style.

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    David Scott

    This thread over at RPG.net matbe of interest:

    here’s my list of changes from the thread, you may also like to take a look at Newt’s excellent review:

    As one of the writers for HeroQuest Glorantha, it’s more about expansion rather than change. The rules themselves have changed very little and you can continue using HQ2 with little or no work. From memory here are the basic changes:

    • High roll wins is the default rule rather than an option.
    • Minor change in difficulty levels – very high is +W not +9
    • Minor change in Base value table session increments
    • As you go is the default system for character creation

    Terminology has has also changed, but that’s not so important (I can’t now remember most of them 🙂

    • Narrator becomes Games Master
    • Benefits of Victory
    • Consequences of Defeat

    The real meat is the that the magic systems are all in one place and complete:

    • Rune Magic (theism) from Sartar KoH has been edited for clarity.
    • Spirit Magic has overhauled completely based on the work I’ve done for the Prax book.
    • Sorcery from Pavis: GtA has been tweaked and updated. It reflects the Xeotam Dialogues. A minor rules change is that Grimoires are the breakout and their spells have no value (taking of course the grimoires breakout value).eg

    Law Rune 5W
    (water) Debaldan Grimoire: this grimoire contains spells pertaining to the seas and water vessels. +1
    (water, harmony) Calm Waters combines Water with Harmony to calm the waters within earshot of the caster, making its surface placid.

    • Lunar Magic from Pavis has been edited for clarity. The mechanics have been completed and the New Gods added.
    • There is no mysticism magic system obviously.


    • Cultures have been expanded. You can now play Sartarites, Esrolians, Praxians and Lunars.
    • Cults have been broadened to reflect the wider area covered. Their rune descriptions edited to reflect this.
    • Mixed magic systems are detailed (Waha).
    • This not not replace previous HQ2 cult writeups as those are area specific.

    Other stuff

    • Examples are all Gloranthan.
    • Has a bestiary
    • Has heroquest examples
    • Has a cool adventure that is adaptable to the cultures presents that contains a heroquest.

    Here’s the basic ToC for the GenCon preview (unedited and just cut and pasted):

    Introduction 4
    The World of Glorantha 7
    The Runes 10
    Dragon Pass and Environs 14
    Timeline for the Dragon Pass Region 22
    Creating Your Hero 23
    Create a Hero As-You-Go 24
    Game Mechanics 41
    Rules for Contests 45
    Simple Contest 45
    Consequences 47
    Group Simple Contest 51
    Extended Contests 54
    Group Extended Contests 59
    Samastina’s Saga: The Battle of Auroch Hills 63
    Tactical Options 74
    Hero Points 78
    Recovery and Healing 79
    Running Contests 80
    Assigning Difficulty 85
    The Pass/Fail Cycle 88
    Gloranthan Communities 91
    Gaming Tips 98
    Magic and Cults 100
    Basic Magic 102
    Spirit Magic 102
    The Praxian Tradition 105
    Rune Magic 107
    Ernalda 113
    Orlanth 116
    The Seven Lightbringers 120
    Issaries 121
    Humakt 124
    Waha 128
    Sorcery 132
    Lhankor Mhy 135
    Lunar Magic 139
    The Seven Mothers 145
    Heroquesting 149
    Types of Heroquests 155
    Gloranthan Creatures 157
    Elder Races 157
    Lesser Elder Races 159
    Animals 161
    Monsters 162
    Spirits 163
    Chaos Horrors 164
    Gaming in Glorantha 167
    Sample Adventure Theme 169
    Appendixes 176
    Appendix A: Calendar 176
    Appendix B: Equipment 178
    Appendix C: Languages in the Dragon Pass Region 182
    Appendix D: Glossary 183
    Appendix E: Bibliography 185
    Appendix F: Other Gloranthan material 186
    Appendix G: Quick Reference

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    Mark Jones

    Very interesting

    So if I download the Guide to Glorantha pdf today from Moon Design’s store, will I have unlimited continued access to download it at a later date if, for example, the product gets revised for errata updates or similar?

    Profile photo of Phil Nicholls
    Phil Nicholls

    Hi David,

    Thank you for your extensive list of changes to HQ2. It is good to know how much, or how little, is actually changing.

    The more I hear, the more I want a copy!

    As for the wider issue of adapting other systems to HQ2, I have never found it difficult. Simply treat any descriptive text as as example of the 100 word character creation method, highlight the salient phrases and use those as abilities. This is so simple, yet effective.

    Best of luck with Mythic Britain, Mark.

    Profile photo of Mark Jones
    Mark Jones

    Thanks for that David; looking forward to running some Mythic Britain

    Sorry to keep banging this drum but, if I download the Guide to Glorantha pdf today from Moon Design’s store, will I have unlimited continued access to download it at a later date if, for example, the product gets revised for errata updates or similar?

    Profile photo of David Scott
    David Scott

    Mark (@spartan), if you bought your PDF as a registered user not a guest, you can always download it again via your account. This is pretty standard across most PDF stores (in my experience). As for updates and errata: The only real changes that have happened were for Sartar and it’s companion – the covers changed and there were minor text changes, where errors were found. PDF buyers could download the update, as I mentioned. This hasn’t really happened with any other product. As for errata, it’s our intention to put it on this site when we can under the relevant section. e.g:

    and for example

    Most of the products don’t have errata as we haven’t found any (spelling and grammar aside).
    The Guide is new and huge, so expect to see some at some point.

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