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    I’m looking forwards to getting the 13th Age Glorantha material. I’m playing the game at the moment and having loads of fun – more than any other F20 game since my first ever RPG experience with blue book Basic D&D.

    Having said that, I started preparing for a game set in Glorantha a while back, but the game never got off the ground. I thought I’d share the material I put together for using the Apocalypse to power up my Gloranthan gaming. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Apocalypse World is a highly innovative player-facing RPG that has spawned a mini-industry of related games and I made a start at adapting ideas from those to Glorantha.

    There are two documents, one a rules summary outlining the basic moves available to all characters, and the other describing the essential features of the playbooks. In Apocalypse games, characters are built from highly customised playbooks of moves (abilities), equipment, etc. A playbook is like a character template, or a character class but tends to be more specific and flavourful than a generic template. The idea is only one playbook should be played in a game at the same time.
    Apocalypse Quest rules summary


    Moonrise Over Karse Characters

    Please take a look and let me know what you think.

    Simon Hibbs

    P.S. I had some issues posting and editing this so sorry if the topic changed, I had to re-post.

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