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    I’ve been using the beta version of Realm Works (http://www.wolflair.com/realmworks/) for quite some time now to run my Balazar campaign, and it’s a fantastic tool. You can upload maps into the tool and show players what they’ve discovered so far, organize your NPCs, places, magical items, etc. any way you wish.

    I was wondering if anyone else in the Glorantha-sphere would be interested in Realm Works, and if anyone plans on purchasing it once it goes live? It would be great to get a purchasable pack of Glorantha info in there eventually as well.

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    Emmanuel Ponette

    I’ll probably give it a try. I’m sick of printing my notes then loosing it, trying to find in which file it is, …

    As for the Glorantha pack, the amount of information is so big (and the LW interest in this product so low) that I think I’ll use RW just for my data


    Looks interesting, but getting all the available Glorantha info into such a software is a huge project, even when starting from rather extensive collections like the wikia project or my (currently offline) index to the old sources.

    I am curious about the map functionalities. Applying point info to raster maps is a start. Being able to do line overlays or (transparent) area overlays would be useful for full functionality.

    Does the software handle timelines as selector criterion (e.g. for visibility of information), too?

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    Barry Baker

    I have been using the early access product and would love to have Glorantha contact as a purchasable , errr, purchase..

    My take on the product is that once i figure out how to utilise all the features i will get more and more out of it.

    Love the links on maps and the various ways to connect and hyperlink internally.

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    Andy Staples

    Thread necromancy (Humakti will not approve).

    With the publication of the Guide, I’m hard at work putting much Gloranthan information into Realm Works, with a view to running a Sartarite campaign in autumn.

    It’s a powerful tool, but the real functionality will come when (a) we can share the information with players and (b) we can create custom calendars.

    There’s no getting round the fact that it does take some practice to work with the software, developing good ways to organise topics. Practise helps, but Glorantha is such a hige, detailed world that I’m glad it’s not the first realm I’ve worked on.

    So far, I’m concentrating on deep background – inputting Heortling myths – interspersed with more practical snippets (Dragon Pass regions, settlements and locations) as the mood strikes me.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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