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    Some points
    1) Is it a problem of mine, or is the button “subscribe” to a forum or topic malfunctioning? It does give a positive feedback, but does not send mail, nor show up in my forum options.
    This is CRITICAL!
    2) Sign in. Where is that? At first I had the impression I have to register again, then I found out I can sign in via “my account”. Is that your intention?
    3) Structure of the forums
    I like it you started to have clear main divisions, but you are not very enduring with this. “Glorantha” for the ruleless, “HeroQuest” for that system, but why “RuneQuest” under Glorantha? And where is “General” (Top)? Where should I post THIS message? General must be a top heading. The more work you put into defining these early, the more structure you will have later.

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    David Scott

    Thanks for the feedback.
    First off we’re trying to keep the forums clear of issue reporting. They will be indexed soon and so would all of the techie stuff and feedback. Please use our contact form: http://www.glorantha.com/about/contact-forms/contact-us/ it’s also linked to on the forum page http://www.glorantha.com/forums. 1) there is a problem. 2) Sign in – unsure what you mean here. As long as you are signed in to the site you can post to the forum. 3) We will be adding more structure as the forums evolved. Finally, please use the contact form.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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