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    Scott Martin

    The enigmatic Hepherones of Rinliddi maintained that the elder races were inevitably being left behind as Glorantha ramifies and the balance of reality shifts from the Mythic Ages when the elders were strong to Time and its uncertainties.

    I always found this passage moving because it pointed toward a Gloranthan future when elves, trolls and even dwarves had died out and us “burtae humans” were left lonely as holders of the Man Rune. Hepherones himself considers it a “sad” destiny but notes that even in his time they remained dominant in the otherworld — for us, the real question might be how to get there to see them again!

    Hepherones also ascribes the relatively limited tenure of the elder races in the fields we know to their lack of free will. This is a bit tautological — the people whose history is ending “clearly” have few if any choices left, whereas those of us still here “clearly” have at least a little wiggle room for surprises — but is not entirely useless. He found their degrees of freedom too limited, their natures too unitary to be robust enough to adapt well to changing circumstances.

    Here in the world of Time, of course, unlike the mythic ages, circumstances change all the time.

    So just putting this up here for debate. Naturally, people have been wrong about elder races extinction events in the past, especially where trolls and elves are concerned. I’m not familiar with a dwarf installation dying out. If anything, they seem to be spreading, which is a grim little thought. But then again, maybe humans are simply crowding them out of their hiding places.

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    “At the end of hurt time, the Blood Sun fills the evil sky, drowning the world in a cleansing deluge of death and horror. Frozen Heart fills the gap at the center, drowning the lower realms. All of the bad things are stripped away, and the humans are driven out, away – into the shriveled husk of the old broken world. Shadow Cancer eats away every connection between us and them. This is how the Goddess reclaims Wonderhome for her children, free from all hurtful and evil things.”
    – Urutul the Liar.

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    Scott Martin

    I saw your name on that reply and knew it was going to be something!

    Right, the People get to go Home.

    Maybe the follow-up is what inner-world extinction evacuation means to everyone else.

    POST SCRIPT: For example. the profoundly seasonal elves embrace the long “winter” of time secure in the belief that one day the stratified seeds will sprout — as they have at various points in Gloranthan history.

    The dwarves, having achieved their goals, may be content to trigger their own programmed obsolescence.

    Triolini need more work.

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    Michael Hitchens

    Or maybe Hepherones is plain wrong. Look at real world scholars who try to predict the future. YGWV but to me the Hero Wars is vast array of possibilities and it’s the players who will effect the future of the world for good or ill. Perhaps all the prophecies of disaster are what will happen if the players don’t intervene?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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