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    Martin Hawley

    Does anyone have any idea who the lord of beasts …the progenitor of (all or some of) the beast deities… is in the Dara Happan pantheon?

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    David Scott

    The Gods Wall in the Guide (p670) has beast deities (i’ve included birds):

    I-14. Vrimak God of Eagles.
    I-16. AvarniaGoddess of Quails and other small birds.
    II-21. Ertelenari Goddess of Bears.
    II-25. Galgarenge Goddess of Griffins.
    III-1. Gerendetho Lord of the Earth. Certainly a candidate for the Lord of Beasts.
    III-5. Oria Great Goddess, All plants and animals are claimed to come from her.
    III-8. Vergenari Goddess of Pigs.
    III-13. Busenari Goddess of Cattle.
    III-18. Durbaddath God of Lions.
    III-24. SurEnslib Goddess of Herons. In some places all plants and animals are claimed to come from her.
    IV-3. Varnaga The Crocodile God.
    IV-13. Sanama Goddess of Snakes and Serpents.
    V-18. Gamara This is the Horse Goddess.

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    Martin Hawley

    Thanks David
    I had found all of these but i was wondering which deity(ies) they originated from, or if there was a creator of all animals or creator of these animal ancestor deities in Dara Happan myth
    I guess this could be Oria?

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    Scott Martin

    I like the story “Lodril Paints the Animals” in Anaxial’s Roster. Oria probably maintains her prerogatives as mother of all, but in places where they recognize husbands and/or fathers I like the zoology the Lodril version sets forth: breeders, game, predators, tricksters.

    The birds evidently have a separate heritage…

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    Oria governs the “Beast Soul” of the Dara Happans, so I would say that She is likely the theistic source of the rune.

    However, I could see myths about the how the Beast Rune came from somewhere else and was somehow made part of the order of things by the goddess Oria. My God-Learner-y side would say this would be an interaction between the Animist and Theist world views in the early Golden Age.

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    Simon Phipp

    Vrimak was that part of Yelm’s soul that flew to the Sky when he was killed.

    The Griffin Deity was a companion of Yelm, who followed Yelm into the Underworld.

    Hippogriff was Yelm’s steed.

    I cannot remember where the others came from.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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