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    This post and map popped up on reddit’s RuneQuest-sub and, while being neat in itself, also came with a little story.
    Loz said I should ask you guys. Anyone recognize this, or is it just an inspired game map by a talented fan?

    Links don’t parse too well, it seems..
    This is the post:http://www.reddit.com/r/Runequest/comments/2u94cz/knowing_my_roots/
    and this is the map: http://imgur.com/gallery/JGvG4

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    Peter Metcalfe

    It’s compiled from sources. Much of Maniria is taken from the RuneQuest Companion.

    The source of the Dragon Pass names is more interesting. Iristhold and Pure Hearth are mentioned which hints at access to Work in Progress maps rather than published ones (the first official source to mention Iristhold for example was Dragon Pass: A Gazetteer of Kerofinela published last decade whereas I don’t even know where Pure Hearth is!)

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    Ok. I’ve pointed OP here if he wants to keep an eye on it.
    According to OP, the mapper was named Bill Struzenberg.

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    Harald Smith

    I think inspired game map by talented fan. I remember doing similar for Prax to connect correctly to the Balazar/Elder Wilds maps.

    The style suggests mid-1980’s putting together a comprehensive map of Kethaela, Dragon Pass, Prax, and the Elder Wilds working from the maps of WBRM, Nomad Gods, the RQ Companion, Griffin Mountain, and Borderlands. Pure Hearth, Elder’s Rock, Morak’s Mound, Crow Stone, Tuno’s Cradle – I think they are some of the clan gathering sites shown on the original Balazar fold-out map (though can’t find my copy at the moment to confirm). The hex numbers shown with them definitely put them in the vicinity of Elkoi, Trilus, and Dykene.

    I don’t see any additions here that suggest 1990’s RQ/TotRM material.

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