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    The initial ceremonies are complete. The Super Bowl Quest begins tonight in earnest. Sacrifices were made. Alton Smith was sacrificed by the Mostali Diamondwarf Goodell. The Shargrash worshipping 49ers will have to carry on the quest without him. In Oakland, the worshippers of Ygg seem ill-prepared amid rumors their King would even consider relocating to Three Mile island. Many think the Malkioni Saints in New Orleans have the best chance to complete the quest, but the Yelm worshipping Bronco riders in Denver disagree.

    But tonight, the Orlanthi are preparing for a feast in Seattle as the Uraldans from Green Bay have arrived bearing gifts of cheese and a great complaint over their treatment the last time they were here, claiming they were cheated by Griselda impersonating a ref in the Great Wail Mary Caper.

    Will Aaron Rodgers look like a cow led to slaughter once again? Russell Wilson continues to look like the embodiment of Orlanth, but can the grizzled Uroxi Julius Peppers bull rush him will the Packers be left grasping air?

    Tonight the Quest begins.

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