Esrolian Queens List

1. Bruvala (ruled 1461 to 1510). Called the High Queen, the Great, or the Mother of Queens, Bruvala was the greatest queen of Esrolia since the Second Age. She was born in 1441 to House Norinel. She married 15 men, and at one time maintained 5 husbands. She had 23 children (8 women, 15 males), including three […]

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HeroQuest Glorantha Cover

HeroQuest Glorantha is Shipping!

HeroQuest Glorantha is ready to be sent out! You heard it here folks, the book completed printing yesterday and was transferred over to the fulfillment area of Bang Printing. Rick just made the final payment and the books have been “released” to be able to be shipped. I just took the huge preorder list and […]

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Guide to Glorantha Volume 1 Cover

Neil’s Year in Review

Neil here. It seems that I’m often so busy with the day-to-day projects that I forget to stop and reflect about what we have accomplished over the year. My annual pilgrimage to Germany is one of the times to do this. Most of you know that Moon Design Publications is a distributed company. I live […]

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