The Third Age of Glorantha!

Welcome to the fantasy world of Glorantha at, the place on the web to experience the richness and wonder of Greg Stafford’s Glorantha. This is nexus of Gloranthan activities regardless of whatever rules system you use.

King of Sartar cover

King of Sartar now available for pre-order

King of Sartar was, for me at least, the breakthrough book into understanding Glorantha and was (and still is) the foundational source for the Hero Wars. It also was a remarkable piece of experimental fiction – a collection of documents and sources written for the most part decades, even generations, after the events they describe and assembled many centuries later by scholars […]

Collected Fiction

Gloranthan Readings: Jorge Luis Borges – Collected Fiction

The Argentinian Jorge Luis Borges is my absolute favorite fantasy writer, despite not writing a single story that is classified as part of that genre. A master of the very short story whose career spanned from the 1930s to the 1980s, Borges wrote stories of labyrinths, dreams, Gnosticism, mirrors, duels, libraries, luck and death, tigers, […]

Sartar Free Army

The look of the Sartarites and Praxians really gets to be on display in our forthcoming books. These are their own peoples, and it is wonderful to be working with artists like Jan Pospisil who help bring them to life. This piece depicts followers of Argrath White Bull who have brought a high-status Lunar captive from […]

A few notes on the God Time history of mortals

Glorantha in the God Time progressed from a Green Age to a Golden Age to a Storm Age and then to its near destruction in the Great Darkness. Mortals experienced this as well, and if anyone was curious, here’s some thoughts about that: Green Age: no need for shelter. Humanity was provided for by the […]

Carvak Zirian

Carvak Zirian, the mind of the Talar, presents himself to the immortal Belintar the Recurring, the Master of Luck and Death. Known to be more than three hundred years old (his actual age is a mystery), he has served Belintar since the Stranger first arrived in Kethaela. Carvak Zirian is a materialist sorcerer who views the gods as magical […]

Sednadimos, Daughter of the Deep

A daughter of the mysterious mer-chief of the Choralinthor ludoch, Sednadimos provides Belintar with the counsel of the Deep. She, and her people, are strongly allied to the immortal God-King and make sure that none travel on the Rozgali or Choralinthor Seas without Belintar’s knowledge. Sednadimos is a powerful magician and priestess of Magasta. She […]

Queen Hendira

The queen of Esrolia is a 35 year old noblewoman from House Norinel. She has been queen for the last 6 years and has two husbands (Jarstarkos of Delaeo and Hendrestos of Delainaeo). She broadly enjoys the support of the Grandmothers’ Council (the matriarchs who rule most of the clans in Esrolia). Hendira is shrewd, manipulative, […]


Xoroho Hellspeaker, envoy from the Eldest Kin of the Shadow Plateau, presents herself to the immortal Belintar, God and King, the Master of Luck and Death! She is an old and powerful dark troll, daughter of a line of mothers reaching back to the eldest daughter of Xiola Umbar. A powerful priestess of both Argan Argar and […]

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