The Third Age of Glorantha!

Welcome to the fantasy world of Glorantha at, the place on the web to experience the richness and wonder of Greg Stafford’s Glorantha. This is nexus of Gloranthan activities regardless of whatever rules system you use.

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Guide to Glorantha wins Silver ENnie for Best Cartography

Gen Con – The Guide to Glorantha picked up the 2015 Silver ENnie for Best Cartography at the awards ceremony tonight – congratulations to master mapmaker Colin Driver who was responsible for the amazing cartography! Many thanks and kudos go to all the artists and mapmakers involved in the project: Colin Driver, and Simon Bray, Bernard Bittler, Todd […]

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GEN CON, Indianapolis – Greg Stafford, founder of the iconic game company Chaosium, used the “Future of Chaosium” seminar at Gen Con today to announce that Moon Design Publications has become part of the Chaosium ownership group. The Michigan-based Moon Design acquired the rights to Stafford’s legendary game setting Glorantha and the game systems RuneQuest […]

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Prince of Sartar is coming to GenCon!

Jeff Richard and Kalin Kadiev’s amazing webcomic Prince of Sartar is coming to GenCon 2015! Moon Design Publications will have a limited number of a 64 page full color graphic novel(ette) that includes the first three chapters of the webcomic, plus lots of additional material including background. The Prince of Sartar graphic novel(ette) is available only […]

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GenCon events

Need your fix of Glorantha, HeroQuest, or RuneQuest? Want to play in an Unfamy quiz show or just watch Jeff be forced to eat vegemite chocolate? Want to learn all about Credo and play a demo game? Then come to GenCon next week! We have two booths this year: Our front booth (#501) is shared […]

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