The Third Age of Glorantha!

Welcome to the fantasy world of Glorantha at, the place on the web to experience the richness and wonder of Greg Stafford’s Glorantha. This is nexus of Gloranthan activities regardless of whatever rules system you use.

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Tales of Mythic Adventure Episode 17 – “A Foundational Document for RPGs”

Kickstarter Countdown 0:00 – 3:35 With four days to go on with the RuneQuest Classic Kickstarter, Jeff reckons this episode is as timely and punchy as a recent episode of “South Park”. In this up-to-the-minute torn-from-the-headlines podcast the Griffin Mountain stretch goal is just about there, tripping over $145,000. RQ1 Glorontha (sic) by Chasium (sic) […]

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Chaosium & Moon Design Announce New Distribution Model for Europe

New model will significantly cut shipping costs for British and European customers   Chaosium and Moon Design Publications have finalized a new fulfillment and distribution model for Europe, it was announced at the Dragonmeet Games Convention in London yesterday. Jeff Richard, Vice President and Creative Director of Chaosium, said UK-based firm Kixto ( will provide fulfillment […]

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RuneQuest Classic Kickstarter Goes Live!

RUNEQUEST 2 RETURNS AS ‘RUNEQUEST CLASSIC’ KICKSTARTER Reprint of the iconic RPG kicks off 50th Anniversary of Greg Stafford’s mythic game world Glorantha A Kickstarter campaign to reprint the celebrated second edition of the roleplaying game RuneQuest was launched today. This edition, set in Greg Stafford’s legendary game world Glorantha, took the gaming world by […]

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