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The Big Push Redux

So when we last left our heroes they were working on the Big Push on The Coming Storm in Berlin… Sorry  to have not updated, but the good news is that we were working hard on The Coming Storm so that we could get a new draft out, particularly to play testers and reviewers. We […]

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The Big Push Continues

It’s Day 4 of the Big Push. Yesterday we went off schedule…it was creative, but we are in Germany, where the schedule is king. The original schedule looked  like this: Day 1: Jeff edits TCS up to Playing the Game; Ian writes Art Direction up to Playing the Game Day 2: Ian reviews Jeff’s edits […]

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The Big Push

In addition to layout work on the Guide, work continues on The Coming Storm, in Berlin. The main goals on what we are calling The Big Push are: a final draft of the text, early versions of art direction. The goal on the former is not necessarily to have all the typos cleared up, all […]

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